My baby Pucca: Some updates @ 14m

Some updates @ 14m
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

- I love Maisy and her gang.

- I can recognize Barney and Dora. Mom just bought me some cds and just recently started watching them. I also have mickey and pluto toys that's why I'm also familiar with them :)

- Despite emails nowadays saying that there are studies which proves that baby cds are not helpful in baby's brain development, mami still think's its a great tool to for us to interact especially when its been raining and we can't go out and play.

- Points at TV if I want to watch my cds.

- Sing the local show tune of "Marimar", at the end I'll say in a high pitch voice, "Aw!"

- I can do an impression on the evil sister in Rejoice TVAD.

- I love apples. Hopefully mom will be able to do and post my SnowWhite LO soon :) Whenever I see one, fake or not, i'd like to munch on it.

- I still only have two teeth in by bottom jaw :)

- I can point out the letter "O".

- Can recognize stars and flowers.

- Can make the gesture of placing my forefinger on my lips and say "shhh" for quiet.

- Can point and shake my head when saying "No, no, no"

- Attempts to sing along and say the last words of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" line per line.

- has mastered the use of the following words:
Papa (Eat), Dede (Milk), Ti-tit (pacifier), Mam (Drink), Up

- Can recognize and call the following people:
Mami, Dadi, Dani, Ate, Mamay, Lola, Lolo, Tita, Nongnong

- Can recognize, immitate the sounds of the following animals:
Dog (Aw-aw), Cat (me-yaw), Lizard (Tsk-tsk), Cow (moo), Sheep (Baa), Bird (tit-tit), Lion (roahhh), Duck (quack-quack), Bee (buzz), Snake (hiss), Horse (tigidig - hirap neto), Monkey (hu-hu-hu), Fish (blub-blub), Goat (meeh), Butterfly (no sound here *lol*)

- Can recognize and point the following body parts:
Eyes, Nose, Ears, Teeth, Tongue, Hair, Fingers, Toes, Feet, Tummy

- Can climb up and down the sofa, can climb down from bed. Loves her blue foldable chair when watching tv/cd. Twirls, sways and dances when there's music.

- Loves to color (more like scribbles) the sofa and our floor with crayons

- Insists on feeding myself and uses spoon or fork but can get very messy when I start to play with my food.

- Prefers to drink water in a glass or her sippy cup.

- Still needs my pacifier and my Pup for comfort.


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Twinkle, twinkle, little star
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