My baby Pucca: December 2007

December Anecdotes
Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just recently, my mom asked me if she can go to the C.R. to wiwi and I said "ayaw". She pleaded again much to her suprise I streched my arms and I said, "sa-ma". It was the first time my mom heard it from me. She's just happy I can now express myself more clearly therefore she'll be able to understand me more.

* * *

The next day after our visit to Avilon's Ark, my parents were asking me about animals i saw from the zoo. As they mentioned crocodile, I said "Charlie" (he's the crocodile friend of maisy mouse), and then said "Swim" with my arms doing a freestyle action.

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Dani at 18months
Sunday, December 09, 2007

dani 18mos copy
I can dance "kagat labi" and "papaya"
I can sing along complete with actions to "Mr. Sun" and "Itsy, Bitsy Spider"
I can imitate an elephant, stomp my feet wide apart with sound effects pa!
I know the following letters by heart: O, A and G
I like to scratch when my skin's itchy until it bleeds :( my mom kept telling me not to but I can't help but say "kamot"
I play my guitar along with Maisy and her friends (Maisy's ABC cd)
I have been watching Sesame Street cds lately and here are my favorite songs:
"I Love My Elbows" by Kermit the Frog - mami laughs at me when i point at my elbows
"Face" by Ernie - i make mami proud by pointing correctly on parts of my face :D
"Elmo's Song" by Elmo, Big Bird and Mr. S-i love Big Bird most of all
I now stretch at 2.5 feet
My shoe size is 22
I usually wear size 3 clothes
I still dont like clips, or necklaces or any other accessories and abubots
I love melon, grapes and apple
I now have 4 teeth and has regained my appetite
Oftentimes I still take two naps an average of 1-2hrs each, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I'm already asleep by 7:30pm unless my parents arrives before then and will probably play with them until 10pm.
On weekdays, I still wake up around 4am and 6pm the latest on weekends.
Nope I still ain't ready for my potty
Loves to piggyback on mami

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