My baby Pucca: February 2008

8 Random Facts about Me
Monday, February 25, 2008

My mom was tagged by Tita Mhay and decided to do it myself.

1) I love Mickey Mouse
2) I can do the Hotdog dance
3) I have soft curls
4) I usually wear clothes one size bigger than my age
5) I still love my diapers, wont be potty training soon
6) My blood type is O, same as my dad's
7) I love to swim
8) I have a love-hate relationship my mom's camera

I enjoyed doing this tag, tita! Now I'm tagging Bela and Vera (wow, that rhymes hehe)

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dani at 21 months
Sunday, February 24, 2008

dani at 21 months
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my mom can't seem to keep up with blogging the stuffs i've been learning everyday.

i guess at 21 months..

..i love mickey mouse and his gang through Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cd
..i can construct a 3-4 word sentence already
..i can easily give you a zaido kick!
..i love bee movie
..i rarely eat nowadays, mostly rely from progress gold (which by the way is rarely in stock)
..i can say excuse me and thank you whenever applicable
..i still wake up at 5am and doze off by 8pm the latest
..i can wear slippers without elastic band at my ankles
..i still don't wear slippers inside our house
..i prefer my dad to put me to sleep over my mom
..i prefer to play with my mom most of the time
..i approximately weigh 15kgs
..i still don't like having my hair fixed
..i still love water and use my bath tub everyday

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