My baby Pucca: June 2008

At almost 25 months
Sunday, June 22, 2008

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According to Baby Center Tools:

I will likely be 5 ft. 5 in. at age 18
I have 50% height and 95% weight growth percentile in my age group

I have 3 molars growing simultaneously making it a total of 11 pearly whites.

My eyes are currently set on Blue's Clues series. Sometimes I still watch Barney, Dora and Little Einsteins. Randomly ask me number ffigures (1-5), I'll answer them correctly.

I can combine up to five words in a sentence like:
sakay si dani sa airplane.
sleep si dani sa boat.
mami, bad si big jet ,'no?
bounce-bounce si dani sa SM, 'no?
mami, dun tayo sa room.

My spanish vocabulary is also growing, thanks to dora. Gracias, Senada, Delicioso, uno up to dies.

Some of the children songs that I can sing are:
Nursery Rhymes
Twinkle twinkle little star (w/ action)
Itsy-bitsy spider (w/ action)
Baa-baa Black Sheep
Mary had a Little Lamb
London Bridge
You are my sunshine
I am a pizza
Ring around the rosies

Barney Songs
Mr. Sun (w/ action)
Elephant (w/ action)
I Love You (w/ kiss and hug)

Little Einstein (w/ new actions from Race for Space cd)
Opening song
Curtain call song

Blues Clues
Opening Song
Circle Time

I love singing along with my cds, my mom just can't keep up and above are songs we can sing together. Otherwise either she'll hum with me or she doesn't know yet that I know the songs.

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Sleeping Beauty
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This, my dear friends, is how I usually sleep :) either that or I'm curled like a shrimp.
* * *
Went to my pedia last saturday for another vaccine. Dra Dane says I will only have one more and next would be scheduled next year for flu vaccine and then a booster on my 4th year. Pwede na daw akong sundan. I doubt my parents will though, I guess financially they still have a lot to make up for my sibling ;p
At age 24 months, I now stand 2' and 9" tall and weighs 16kg. I am slightly overweight as child of my size averagely weighs around 14kg or so. My mom has yet to check that with babycenter's height and weight percentile calculator ;)
My pedia advised my parents to gradually shift me from bottles to sippy cup. To which my parents excitedly obliged and bought me not one but two avent sippy cups. I'm partial with my bottles so not sure when will this happen.
So far, my mom feels I'm not experiencing any developmental delays. I may not be advancing much to be classified as "gifted" but I am your typical terrible two-year-old toddler ;p
If you haven't read about my 2nd birthday party, go checkout my mom's blog and our photos.


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Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are!
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Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are