My baby Pucca: Dani: 11 months

Dani: 11 months
Friday, May 04, 2007

* * *

I have already taken my first steps, well, a couple of weeks ago. My mom as usual forgot to blog about it and forgot the exact date :p

i can now immitate the following sounds:

cow - mooo
bird - twit twit
lizard - tsk tsk tsk *tongue clicking*
dog - awaw
duck - quack (but not as clearly as it should be)

still learning the sound of snake, bee and more!

i always like saying dede, dadi, papa (eat) and pap (papi her stuff toy), bata, baby, mama.

ask me how old i am and i will stick out my index finger for one :D i can also "pray". give me fruits any time of the day and i'll eagerly munch on it, more like gum on it. papaya, pear, apple, mango.. you name it, i'll eat it :D mom bought me this cool veggie juice and lovin it so far. yogurt is another fave. still no pearly whites though. my motto hasn't changed a bit, early to rise, early to bed. you'll hear my zzz's by 7pm the latest and will give you a morning kiss as early as 4am :D

barely a month to go, i'll be celebrating my 1st birthday and yes, finally my mom is now on high gear with our preps! she will be posting some updates on her blog if you want to know our status :D

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